Salty/Alkali Pasture Mix

A pasture seed mix that can tolerate salty/alkaline soils and is also drought tolerant.

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Mix Contains:

10% AC Saltlander Wheatgrass

Has aggressively spreading Rhizomes with germination in 7-14 days and can get 21-53 inches tall. A long-lived perennial, cool season, very drought tolerant grass. AC Saltlander is highly palatable.

10% Garrison Creeping Foxtail (coated)

Sod-Forming grass with germination in 12-14 days. A long-lived perennial, cool season, grows 12’-24’ tall. It is extremely winter hardy and recovers quickly from grazing due to its numerous aggressive underground rhizomes.

20% Tall Wheatgrass, Hercules

Bunchgrass, with germination in 21 – 28 days. Perennial, cool season , grows 3 – 7 feet. Hercules is persists in high saline conditions and is highly palatable and has high forage yield potential.

20% Forage Perennial Ryegrass

A perennial, cool season ,germinates 5 – 8 days, introduced bunchgrass growing to heights of 18” to 36”. Perennial Ryegrass Is one of the most widely used grasses and is adaptable to a wide variety of soils and climatic conditions.

20% Forage Tall Fescue

A long-lived perennial, cool season ,germinates 7 – 10 days, introduced deep-rooted, bunchgrass growing up to 5 feet. Tall Fescue is endophyte free. 20% Smooth Brome Sod forming grass with germination in 10-14 days Smooth brome is resistant to drought and extremes in temperature. Smooth brome is the most widely used of the cultivated brome grasses.


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