Dryland Pasture Seed Mix

A mixture of hardy, cool season grasses, that are drought tolerant and adapt well to the Northern Great Intermountain regions. It provides a good, palatable spring forage and fair regrowth in the fall. This mix may produce a hay crop depending upon available moisture. Widely adapted to many soil types and elevations of 3,000 to 10,000 feet. Ideal for areas not receiving regular irrigation.


Grows 30-48 inches at full potential. Great forage and hay producer.

Seeding Rate:

New Seeding Broadcast: 20-25 lbs/acre Drilled: 15-20 lbs/acre
Overseeding Broadcast: 10-15 lbs/acre Drilled: 5-10 lbs/acre


Mix contains:

20% Tetraploid Perennial Rye (Lolium Perenne) 

Bunchgrass with germination in 5-10 days. One of the most widely used grasses and is adaptable to a wide variety of soils and climate conditions. It is leafy and fine stemmed.

20% Smooth Brome, Lincoln (Bromus inermis)

Sod Forming grass with germination in 10-14 days Smooth brome is resistant to drought and extremes in temperature. Lincoln smooth brome is the most widely used of the cultivated brome grasses.

15% Paiute Orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata)

Bunchgrass with germination in 14-21 days. One of the earliest species to exhibit growth in the spring, making tremendous forage potential during cool conditions. Performs well on different textured soils. Is a great forage and hay producer.

15% Hycrest Crested Wheatgrass (Agropyron cristatum)

Bunchgrass with germination in 14-21 days. A hybrid cross between Standard and Desert wheatgrass, resulting in a plant with excellent seedling vigor that establishes quickly. It is taller and has higher forage yield potential than its parents.

15% Pubescent Wheatgrass (Agropyron trichophorum)

Cool season, sod-forming with germination in 21-28 days. Stays green into the summer months when soil moisture is adequate.

15% Dahurian Wildrye (Elymus dahuricus)

Bunchgrass with germination in 7 – 21 days. Deep rooted allowing good drought tolerance. Regrows aggressively after cutting and grazing, providing excellent palatable forage.