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We are blessed to be in a unique setting in the United States. Our markets include the beautiful Rocky Mountains, the short and tall grass prairies and the urban areas. We supply most forages, cool and warm season grasses, shrubs, forbs, and wildflowers throughout the West and strive to inventory and source the right seeds for your every need.

Reclamation & Native Grasses


Providing the biggest selection of environmentally sound native and reclamation seed varieties.

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Bringing you the best forage and pasture seed varieties and mixes.

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Offering the finest turfgrass seed for the golf, sports, sod and landscape markets.

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Large selection of native forbs and wildflower seeds with over 100 different species for landscaping land reclamation, and reforestation.

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74 Years of Expeirence

In 1945 Arkansas Valley Seed began a tradition of bringing high-quality seed to the Western United States with integrity and the highest degree of customer service.

Competitive Pricing

At Arkansas Valley Seed we strive to provide the best quality products at competitive prices.

Wide selection of products

We value staying current with all market conditions and carrying a wide selection of products to meet consumer demand.

Unsurpassed Customer Servise

To provide elite services, we are well-staffed to maximize efficiency. At every level, we are doing what it takes to make the customer’s experience more rewarding.

Broad Markets

Arkansas Valley Seed maintains a diverse inventory and detailed knowledge of the requirements of the various demands on performance.

Custom Seed Mixes

We can design mixes and blends to match any job specification needed. Custom seed mixes are our specialty.

Featured Products

Rocky Mountain Wildflower Mix

Our most popular mix, the Rocky Mountain Wildflower Mix is a special blend of annuals and perennials that grows color throughout the season. Grows from 10 to 30 inches high and is very drought tolerant. Not recommended for planting during the heat of the summer.

Blue Valley Bluegrass Blend

Our best blend of elite Kentucky bluegrasses. Typically features two Midnight types, an America type, a Compact type and an Aggressive type bluegrass. This turgrass blend is excellent for establishing new lawns or reseeding existing lawns originally established by sod. Winter hardy and disease resistant.

Available in:
3# Laminated Poly
(10-3# = 30# Case)
5# Laminated Poly
(10-5# = 50# Case)
25# Poly Woven
50# Poly Woven

Foothills Mix

A mixture developed for elevations of 3,000 to 8,000 feet to provide natural cover under dryland conditions. Contains both cool and warm season grasses adapted to the Western Great Plains and Southwest region. Has excellent cold and drought tolerance. Good for soil stabilization on poor soils.

Dryland Pasture Mix

A mixture of hardy, cool season grasses, that are drought tolerant and adapt well to the Northern Great Intermountain regions. It provides a good, palatable spring forage and fair regrowth in the fall. This mix may produce a hay crop depending upon available moisture. Widely adapted to many soil types and elevations of 3,000 to 10,000 feet. Ideal for areas not receiving regular irrigation.

16-16-8-8S-1FE – Lawn Fertilizer

This Fertilizer is used to maintain healthy, vigorous lawns.  It can be used on turf lawn’s consisting of Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and/or Fescues.  The application year-round, 50# will do 10,000 sq. ft.

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