Arkansas Valley Seed supplies the highest quality Soil Conditioners including Biosol Forte, Mycorrhzae Inoculant and Humate soil conditioners as well as our Rocky Mountain Planter’s Kit to help improve your soil’s physical qualities.

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Biosol Forte

Biosol Forte is a stable organically bound nutrient and long term food source for soil and plants. Chitin, an essential component of Biosol Forte, is a natural polymer that retains moisture, provides disease suppression and protects against transplant shock. Biosol Forte also contains dry mycelium, the vegetative part of fungus that promotes mycorrhizae growth and increases root mass.



Humate is a soil conditioner containing a high concentration of trace minerals and humic acid. Humate improves a plant’s ability to take in vital nutrients, helps in root and plant cell development, improves soil structure, enhances germination and increases resistance to stress. It also provides the micro nutrients necessary for healthy, balanced plant growth.


Rocky Mountain Planter’s Kit

Rocky Mountain Planters Kit is a blend of all 3 products: Biosol Forte, Menefee Humate & MycoApply All Purpose Granular. The kit is great for smaller areas such as gardens and flower beds
The kit covers 1500-2000 sq ft.
The kit can trouble shoot almost any soil problem.
Premixed and easy to use. 20 lb Biosol, 10 lb humate and ½ lb All Purpose mycorrhizae
For larger areas the mix ratio is 100 lb Biosol, 50 lb humate and 1 lb All purpose mycorrhizae