Arkansas Valley Seed offers quality fertilizer products to help stimulate root growth in plant establishment.

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16-16-8-8S-1FE – Lawn Fertilizer

This Fertilizer is used to maintain healthy, vigorous lawns.  It can be used on turf lawn’s consisting of Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and/or Fescues.  The application year-round, 50# will do 10,000 sq. ft.


18-12-6 50%CrystalGreen 50% XCU Starter

This fertilizer consists of Poly Coated Sulfur Coated Urea for a constant even slow release.  The starter fertilizer consists of Crystal Green Phosphorus. Crystal Green addresses the necessary balance between adequate plant health and evironmental stewardship.  Crystal Green is not simply an enhanced efficiency fertilizer, it is also the most environmentally responsible source of phosphorus available.  Sustainably produced by recovering phosphorus and nitrogen from renewable, nutrient-rich used water streams, Crystal Green provides solutions to a multitiude of challenges including fertilizer runoff, phosphorus resource depletion, nutrient management and environmental stewardship.  50 # – for 12,000 sq ft


18-46-0 Starter Fertilizer

A fertilizer rich with phosphorus to stimulate root growth in young plant establishment. Apply 50 lbs evenly across 10,000 square feet of soil or 200 lbs per acre after seed planting. Fertilizing is highly recommended to maintain the health of your plant materials. Adequate spring moisture will activate the fertilizer and release the nutrients. During the spring, the ideal fertilizer will include a mixture of both quickly and slowly available Nitrogen (N) sources. Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) are also highly recommended nutrients to supplement to your soil. Phosphorus stimulates root growth throughout the growing season and Potassium enhances your plant’s tolerance to heat and other stresses.


21-0-21 75% XCU 2%FE

Designed as a winterizer and stress reducer.  1 to 1 raton of Nitrogen and Potash for fall feedings and root zone regeneration.


33-0-5 100% XCU 2%FE

This Fertilizer is designed for constant feed and color without flushes of growth.