Arkansas Valley Seed offers a variety of quality erosion control products to control wind and water erosion in agriculture, landscape development and construction settings. We offer erosion control products providing the highest quality of erosion protection. For erosion control product information, please call (877) 907-3337.

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6″ Eco Stakes

The Eco-Stake is a 100% biodegradable hardwood pin designed to safely and effectively secure erosion control blankets. The wood stake must exhibit ample rigidity to enable being driven into hard ground, with sufficient flexibility to resist breakage.


Metal Staples

Metal Staples used for erosion control blankets

6″ x 11′ gauge (1,000 per box)

8″ x 8″ gauge (500 per box)


Straw Wattles, Weed Free

Comprised of weed-free straw wrapped in tubular plastic netting. Cost effective way to prevent sediment pollution from bare lots and cut slopes. Replaces silt fences, straw bales, earth berms and sandbag barriers.
Dimensions: 9 ft. by 25 ft.

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Wood Stakes

For use with erosion control blankets and wattles.

1″ x 18″ Wood Stakes ( 50 per bundle)

1″ 24″ Wood Stakes (25 per bundle)