High-quality seed is crucial for optimal alfalfa stand establishment. Arkansas Valley Seed supplies an extensive selection of the highest quality alfalfa seed varieties. From alfalfa varieties to help minimize nematode pressure in corn, potato and other crop rotations, to alfalfa varieties with improved forage quality and yield, to alfalfa for cattle and sheep, Arkansas Valley Seed supplies the quality forage and pasture products to meet your every need.

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Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Alfalfa is a deep rooted and moderately long-lived perennial. One of the most widely used legumes for hay production. Also found in pasture, range and revegetation mixes. Some varieties exhibit spreading ability that is suitable for grazing.

AV120 Alfalfa

A high producing fine stemmed alfalfa with good persistence and good winter hardiness. Performs well in moderate input environments. Can be used in both dryland and irrigated conditions. A Fall Dormancy 3. 

Ladak Alfalfa

An older USDA �public� variety that is slow to recover between cuttings. This variety is very drought tolerant with very good winter hardiness. Used in grass mixes for improved pasture applications. Fall Dormancy is 3.

Northern Origin Alfalfa

A blend of common alfalfas produced in a northern environment. Known to be very winter hardy with average disease resistance. Yield expectations are average with average forage quality. Use in a short rotations or planted in less than ideal growing conditions. Composed of Fall Dormancy 3 alfalfas.

Ranger Alfalfa

A university �public� variety that shows improved recovery after harvest. A very winter hardy variety with improved disease resistance. Can be used in dryland applications where soil moisture is limited and responds to higher management inputs. A Fall Dormancy 3 variety.

Travois Alfalfa

An improved alfalfa with excellent winter hardiness. Best used for mixed grass pasture applications. This alfalfa spreads from lateral buds and is a low growing alfalfa. Not suited for alfalfa hay production. Considered a Fall Dormancy 2 variety.

Vernal Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Vernal Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is considered an ‘older’ variety of alfalfa. Deep rooted and drought tolerant. Vernal is best suited to northern climates. Vernal alfalfa is a perennial cool weather crop that prefers to grow in the cooler temperatures of spring and fall.