Soil Health with Rudy Garcia

In this week’s episode, we hear from Rudy Garcia, retired USDA-NRCS regional soil health specialist. Mr. Garcia worked for USDA-NRCS for the past 30-years, ten of which he held as the state agronomist. He has worked as a District Conservationist, field agronomist, conservation planner as well as working on all manner of irrigation water, salinity,…

5 Principals of Soil Heath

This week we have Steve Kadas, State Resource Conservationist from the USDA NRCS in New Mexico. Steve breaks down the five foundational principles of soil health for us. If you have any further questions for him, feel free to email at:

Soil! It’s not Dirt!

On this week’s episode of Growing Together, our guests were interviewed by Anne Boswell of Local Legal Questions, LLC podcast. Continuing the theme of soil health discussion with Derek White, irrigation farm specialist Listen to the episode here – Soil! Not Dirt Connect with Derek if you have any questions at

All Things Soil

Join us during the month of June for an in depth look at soil health with special guest Eric Tucker, rancher and soil enthusiast. Reach out to Eric: if you have any other questions for him.