White Upland Aster (Oligoneuron album)

Native perennial that can grow up to 18 inches tall. Blooming in the fall, this flower flourishes in dry, full sun conditions.




Perennial with white and yellow flowers and willow-like foliage. Flourishes in dry, full sun conditions. In the right conditions, this plant can grow to be up to 18 inches tall. White Upland Aster blooms from August to late September, this native plant is often found in open, drying prairies.


Additional information

Scientific Name

Oligoneuron album

Common Names

White Upland Aster, Prairie Goldenrod, Prairie Flat-Top-Goldenrod, Upland White Aster, Stiff Aster, Sneezewort Aster

Bloom Time

Late Summer to Fall


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