Saskatoon Serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia)

Native shrub with clusters of white flowers that bloom in the fall and purple-black berries that ripen in the summer. Attracts bees and butterflies; palatable to wildlife.



Native, deciduous shrub capable of growing from 3 to 15 tall. In very rich soils, the plant can develop a single trunk and grow up to 30 feet tall. This shrub has thin light brown bark and green leaves with a few small teeth at the top. In the spring, the compact clusters of white flowers bloom. These fragrant flowers attract bees and butterflies. By summer, the small purple-black berries ripen. Sweet and smooth, these berries make great jams, pies and syrup. During the fall, the Saskatoon Serviceberry turns from green to orange to red. Reestablishes from seed or vegetative cuttings; the extensive root system grows in clumps with horizontal and vertical rhizomes. Used for reclamation and is good forage for livestock and wildlife.

Additional information

Scientific Name

Amelanchier alnifolia

Common Names

Saskatoon Serviceberry, Western Serviceberry, Juneberry

Bloom Time



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