Premium Irrigated Pasture Mix


A pasture seed mixture of perennial, cool season grasses formulated with varieties that produce the highest quality and yielding forage. These grasses are palatable and excellent for grazing and hay production. Performs well in the Intermountain West as well as the High Plains of the Rocky Mountain region.


  • Grows 2-6 feet tall Premium varieties
  • High yielding and quality irrigated forage

Seeding Rate:

  • New Seeding
    • Broadcast: 30-35 lbs./acre
    • Drilled: 20-25 lbs./acre
  • Overseeding
    • Broadcast: 15-20 lbs./acre
    • Drilled: 10-15 lbs./acre


Mix Contains:

25% Elite Tetraploid Perennial Rye

Bunchgrass with germination in 5-10 days. One of the most widely used grasses and is adaptable to a wide variety of soils and climate conditions. A leafy pasture type perennial rye

25% Potomac Orchardgrass

Bunchgrass with germination in 14-21 days. One of the earliest species to exhibit growth in the spring, making tremendous forage potential under cooler conditions. Performs well on different textured soils. Found throughout the west, this grass is great forage and hay producer.

20% Improved Meadow Brome

Bunchgrass with germination in 10-14 days. Meadow Brome is a long-lived perennial that is slow to establish. It is very palatable and highly productive.

15% Crown Royale Orchardgrass

Bunchgrass with germination in 14-21 days. Similar to Potomac, but with a later maturity date.

15% Manchar Smooth Bromegrass

Sod-forming grass with germination in 10-14 days. Smooth bromegrass is resistant to drought and extremes in temperature. It is the most widely used of the cultivated brome grasses. Grows throughout most of the US.

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5 Pound Bag, 25 Pound Bag, 50 Pound Bag


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