Plantago Binder

Plantago Binder is a natural, 100% psyllium fiber derived from the outer coating of seed.  It is a solid tan colored powder that is used as a binding agent with hydroseeding mulch for seeding or erosion control applications.  Plantago Binder has been proven effective in holding fiber in place, improving grass stands and reducing overall erosion.



Active ingredient: 100% psyllium

16.7% Protein content

80.8% Settle-able solids

5.5% Solution pH

2.68% Total Nitrogen


Plantago may be applied as a wet slurry or to dry surfaces.  To be used in well venilated areas with a dust mask, goggles, and rubber gloves for safety measures.  The material is slippery when wet, sweep any spills and avoid washing them down.

  • Erosion Control
  • Dust Control
  • Binding Agent

Application Rates

40 to 160 pounds per acre depending on degree of slope. Prepare the slurry by mixing seed, mulch, fertilizer, Plantago and water in the tank in the amounts specified.  Add all material slowly and mix thoroughly.  It should be stored in a cool dry place.


50lbs. heavy duty paper bag

Other Information

Please call for pricing and availability

Can be used with our Hydrostraw or Max Mulch products as well as our fertilizers for best results


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