Nootka Rose (Rosa nutkana)

Shrub that grows from 2 to 10 feet tall with bright pink flowers and thorns. Flowers bloom from May to July and attract bees and butterflies. Prefers moist soil and can withstand full sun, partial sun, or full shade.


Perennial shrub growing up to 10 feet tall. Round-tipped, green leaves line the stems with prickles at the base. The pink flowers resemble a single rose and bloom from May to July. Attracts bees and butterflies. Followed by the flowers, big purplish hips grow. The fruit of the Nootka Rose is edible and commonly used in jams and jellies. Prefers moist soil and withstands full sun, partial sun, or shade. Its spreading root system makes a great soil binder.



Additional information

Scientific Name

Rosa nutkana

Common Name

Nootka Rose

Bloom Time

Spring to Summer


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