Habitat/Pollinator Grass Mix


Looking for a multi-purpose grass mix that offers excellent grazing, soil stabilization, and drought resistance? Arkansas Valley Seed has you covered with our Habitat/Pollinator mix. It’s a mix of cool and warm-season grasses, great for natural cover on dryland conditions, can grow well in higher elevations, and contains pollinator-friendly species.

This mix can do it all!





Foxtail Millet
Canada Wildrye
Virginia Wildrye
Sideoats Grama
Creeping Red Fescue


New Seeding Rate:

Broadcast: 20-25#s /acre
Drilling: 15-20#s /acre

Over Seeding Rate:

Broadcast: 10-15#s /acre
Drilling: 5-10#s /acre

Additional information

Weight N/A
Bag Size

25 Pound Bag, 50 Pound Bag