Farewell-to-Spring (Clarkia amoena)

These showy, pink, cup-shaped flowers thrive in full sun to part shade and dry soil. They are an excellent source of nectar and can attract butterflies and bees. Blooms throughout the summer.


Farewell-to-Spring plants have showy, pink, cup-shaped flowers and thrive in full sun to part shade and dry soil. Excellent source of nectar and attract butterflies and bees. They bloom throughout the summer and self-seed. This California-native grows to be 1-3 ft tall.

Additional information

Scientific Name

Clarkia amoena

Common Names

Farewell-to-Spring, Summer's Darling, Herald-of-Summer, Atlas Flower, Lovely Farewell-to-Spring, Rocky Mountain Garland Flower, Godetia, Satin Flower, Red Ribbons, Fairy Fans

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