Economy Irrigated Pasture Mix


A seed mixture of perennial, cool season grasses with forage production in mind. These grasses are high yielding and fast growing especially in spring and fall. Use this mix where water is limited because it includes hardy, drought tolerant grasses. For non-irrigated pastures, see our Dryland Pasture Mix


  • Grows 3-5 feet at full potential
  • Produces in the spring and fall
  • Hardy and drought resistant

Seeding Rate:

  • New Seeding
    • Broadcast at 30-35 lbs./acre
    • Drilled at 20-25 lbs./acre
  • Over Seeding
    • Broadcast at 15-20 lbs./acre
    • Drilled at 10-15 lbs./acre


Mix contains:
25% Potomac Orchardgrass
Bunchgrass with germination in 14-21 days.
It is one of the earliest species to exhibit growth in the spring, making tremendous forage potential during cool conditions. Performs well on different textured soils. Found throughout the west, this grass is great forage and hay producer.

25% Improved Perennial Ryegrass
Bunchgrass with germination in 5-10 days.
One of the most widely used grasses and is adaptable to a wide variety of soils and climate conditions. It has a fine, leafy stem.

25% Rustler Tall Fescue (Endophyte-Free)
Bunchgrass with germination in 7-14 days.
A long-lived perennial that grows fairly well on soils low in fertility. Adaptation regions include all areas east of the Great Plains to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

20% Manchar Smooth Brome
Sod-forming grass with germination in 10-14 days.
Smooth brome is resistant to drought and extremes in temperature. Lincoln smooth brome is the most widely used of the cultivated brome grasses. Grows throughout most of the United States.

5% Pubescent Wheatgrass
Sod-forming grass with germination in 21 – 28 days.
A long-lived perennial, cool season grass. Its strongest asset is its ability to stay green into
the summer months when soil moisture is adequate. Adapts to wide range of conditions
including low-fertility soils, and saline soil tolerant making it drought and winter tolerant.

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