Broom Snakeweed (Gutierrezia sarothrae)

Short-lived shrub with clusters of tiny yellow flowers blooming from summer to fall. Flower clusters grow at the top of the shrub. Prefers dry soils and partial sun; drought tolerant.


Short-lived perennial that grows from 1 to 3 feet tall during the warm season. Clusters of small yellow flowers bloom from August to October followed by a brown, hairy seed with chaffy scales. Broom Snakeweed contains saponin, so it’s poisonous to all livestock except goats. The plant absorbs selenium, so it’s commonly used for reclamation and mines. Prefers partial sun and dry soils; drought tolerant.


Additional information

Scientific Name

Gutierrezia sarothrae


Gutierrezia diversifolia, Gutierrezia lepidota, Gutierrezia linearifolia, Gutierrezia linearis, Gutierrezia linoides, Gutierrezia longipappa, Gutierrezia pomariensis, Gutierrezia sarothrae var. pomariensis, Gutierrezia tenuis, Solidago sarothrae, Xanthocephalum sarothrae, Xanthocephalum sarothrae var. pomariense, Xanthocephalum tenue

Common Names

Broom Snakeweed, Kindlingweed, Matchbrush, Texas Snakeweed, Broomweed, Turpentine Weed, Matchweed

Bloom Time

Summer to Fall


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