Blue Paloverde (Parkinsonia florida)

Leafless throughout most of the year as the bluish-green bark and twigs perform photosynthesis. Produces bright green leaves, yellow flowers, and brown seed pods. Flowers attract bees; wildlife browse on the twigs and seed pods.  Prefers full sun and dry soils; doesn’t need any watering after established.


Desert-native flowering tree growing to an average of 20 feet tall. Plant typically goes without leaves as it’s bluish-green trunk and twigs are capable of preforming photosynthesis. After winter, Blue Paloverde produces bright green leaves. In the spring, the entire tree blooms into bright yellow flowers attracting bees. Following the flowers, brown seed pods grow. Wildlife browses on the twigs and seed pods; commonly used as shelter as well. Prefers full sun and dry soil; very drought tolerant and doesn’t need extra water after fully established.

Additional information

Scientific Name

Parkinsonia florida

Common Name

Blue Paloverde

Bloom Time



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