Birch-Leaf Mountain Mahogany (Cercocarpus montanus)

Small tree or shrub with dark green and silver foliage fuzzy foliage. Inconspicuous flowerings happens in the spring. Following the flowers, the plant produces feathery, silver-white fruits that are spiral-shaped from Spring to Fall. Wildlife are attracted to the fragrant foliage.


Deciduous shrub growing up to 12 feet tall with dark green leaves on the top and silver on the bottom. Severe drought, changes of climate and poor soil may stunt growth. Birch-leaf Mountain Mahogany has grayish, scaly bark. Twigs are spur-like and a bright reddish brown. Inconspicuous flowers bloom in the spring. Following the flowers, the tree produces wispy, hairy plumes that spiral. This native tree prefers full sun and well-drained soils.



Additional information

Scientific Name

Cercocarpus montanus

Common Names

Birch-leaf Mountain Mahogany, Adlerleaf Mountain Mahogany, Silverleaf Mountain Mahogany, Mountain Mahogany

Bloom Time



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