Apache Plume (Fallugia paradoxa)

Apache Plume has white rose-like flowers with yellow centers that attract bees and butterflies. Silvery puffs of fruit grow surrounded by pink feather-like plumes. Rather thick shrubs with intertangled, twiggy branches.


Evergreen capable of growing up to 6 feet tall; prefers partial sun and dry soil. Apache Plume is great erosion control and drought tolerant. Easy to grow; flowers the first year from seed. White delicate flowers bloom from April to August. Apache Plume’s nectar attracts bees and butterflies; important forage for wild animals’ cover and nesting. Silvery puffs of fruit grow from branches surrounded by pink feather-like plumes. Grayish-white branches with dark green and silver foliage. Not very palatable to wildlife, but sometimes grazed when other forages are limited.

Additional information

Scientific Name

Fallugia paradoxa

Common Names

Apache Plume, Ponil

Bloom Time

Spring to Fall