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AVS Green Manure Mix

An excellent cover crop mix for any soil condition. Peas provide nitrogen to the soil while the oats and hairy vetch provide organic matter.


Seeding rate is 60-80 lbs./acre with irrigation or 50 lbs./acre without irrigation

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Blue Valley Bluegrass Blend


Our best blend of elite Kentucky bluegrasses. Typically features two Midnight types, an America type, a Compact type and an Aggressive type bluegrass. This turgrass blend is excellent for establishing new lawns or reseeding existing lawns originally established by sod. Winter hardy and disease resistant.

Available in:
3# Laminated Poly
(10-3# = 30# Case)
5# Laminated Poly
(10-5# = 50# Case)
25# Poly Woven
50# Poly Woven