Arkansas Valley Seed provides high-performance Kentucky bluegrass seed for golf courses, athletic fields, and residential lawns, pastures, and quality turfgrass. Kentucky bluegrass is a common cool-season turfgrass that is able to handle wide range of tolerances. Arkansas Valley Seed delivers the highest quality Kentucky bluegrass seed varieties, blends, and mixes to provide the right seeds for your every need.

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Blue Valley Bluegrass Blend


Our best blend of elite Kentucky bluegrasses. Typically features two Midnight types, an America type, a Compact type and an Aggressive type bluegrass. This turgrass blend is excellent for establishing new lawns or reseeding existing lawns originally established by sod. Winter hardy and disease resistant.

Available in:
3# Laminated Poly
(10-3# = 30# Case)
5# Laminated Poly
(10-5# = 50# Case)
25# Poly Woven
50# Poly Woven

Fullback Kentucky Bluegrass

It takes a Fullback to carry these qualifications: Best statistical performance in schedules A, B, C , Northeast, Transition, North Central, and Upper Midwest/Mountain Zones. #1 Traffic Tolerance at Wisconsin. Excellent seedling vigor & establishment, spring green up, summer density and drought performance (wilting & dormancy) and low seed head expression. Good winter color and outstanding competitor to poa annua. Great performance across all disease trials. # 1 Rated Summer Patch at Tennessee. TIED FOR #1 MEAN TURFGRASS QUALITY RATING OUT OF 110 ENTRIES. See Fullback (BD 03-84) in the 2006-2010 NTEP Kentucky bluegrass trial at

Gaelic Kentucky Bluegrass

Gaelic Kentucky Bluegrass is widely adaptable to a variety of environmental conditions and is also an ideal component in fine turf blends. Excellent spring green up and winter color with a horizontal growth habit. Excellent competitor that discourages poa annua encroachment into the turf stand.

Midnight Star Kentucky Bluegrass

Extremely dark green color, derived from Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass. Midnight Star is the darkest of the elites for improved turf quality. Has low spreading growth habits and performs well in well-drained soils.

Noble Kentucky Bluegrass

An elite cultivar with very dark green genetic color, wear tolerance, seeding vigor, drought tolerance (summer density and wilting). The #1 shade rated Kentucky bluegrass in the New Jersey Shade Trial. #2 rated for Summer Patch at Tennessee. An excellent Kentucky bluegrass for use in Elite Kentucky bluegrass mixes for golf and sports and for tall fescue sod production with newer, darker, turf-type tall fescues with a dark matching color and horizontal-knitting growth habit.

Shannon Kentucky Bluegrass

Shannon was developed to combine turf quality with seed yield, resulting in a cultivar that outperforms expectations. With much better turf quality than common types, yet priced favorable to high-end elites, Shannon can blend with elite Kentucky bluegrasses and is a workhorse for use in landscape, golf course roughs and sports fields.

SPF 30 Kentucky Bluegrass

Now Professional Turf managers can add heat tolerance & Genetic diversity with SPF 30, a high performance Texas Bluegrass x Kentucky bluegrass cross! Expanding the areas of adaptation for Bluegrasses, SPF 30 has been very successful farther south, compared to traditonal Kentucky Bluegrass varieties, and is adding heat tolerance as well as summer performance to northern zone turf. SPF 30 produces a high percentage of living ground cover throughout the summer, recovers quickly from drought stress and damage, and is resistent to brown patch. With aggressive rhizomes, SPF 30 improves the ability of turf to revocer when combined in a mixture. SPF 30 is an elite and medium bladed bluegrass for sports turf managers, golf course super intendents, and finally lawn and landscape contractors fighting the fierce summer heat.

Thermal Blue Kentucky Bluegrass

The popular TX x KBG cross, tested as HB 129. Expanding the area of adaptation for bluegrasses, TX x KBG types have been successful farther south than traditional Kentucky bluegrasses, and are adding heat tolerance and summer performance to northern zone turf. Thermal Blue produces a high percentage of living ground cover throughout the summer, recovers quickly from drought, and is resistant to brown patch. With its aggressive rhizomes, Thermal Blue improves the ability of tall fescue turf to recover when combined in a mixture. Thermal Blue is an elite and medium-bladed bluegrass for landscape contractors, sports turf managers, and golf course superintendents who are battling the stress of summer heat. Limited availability in Professional Turfgrass markets only.