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Blue Valley Bluegrass Blend


Our best blend of elite Kentucky bluegrasses. Typically features two Midnight types, an America type, a Compact type and an Aggressive type bluegrass. This turgrass blend is excellent for establishing new lawns or reseeding existing lawns originally established by sod. Winter hardy and disease resistant.

Available in:
3# Laminated Poly
(10-3# = 30# Case)
5# Laminated Poly
(10-5# = 50# Case)
25# Poly Woven
50# Poly Woven

Boreal Creeping Red Fescue

Boreal Creeping Red Fescue is an improved red fescue variety. It is a consistent performer for improved turf quality and is a medium green color. Boreal has a fine leaf texture, able to withstand heat and drought. Boreal Creeping Red Fescue performs well in sun and shade. Reduced mowing requirements.

Boulevard Mix

Developed for use on soils with high pH and soluble salt levels. The ingredients exhibit good tolerance to salty conditions compared to other turf type species. Boulevard mix grows well in full sun or light shade. Withstands heat & drought stress and has great disease resistance. Excellent for street medians or other adjacent street areas where road salt will be a factor.

Available only in:
5# Laminated Poly
(12-5# = 60# Case)
50# Poly Woven

Chewings, Jamestown IV

Developed in conjunction with the University of Rhode Island, the newest generation of the bestknown name in Fine Fescue is here. Jamestown IV Chewings Fescue carries the linage of Jamestown into the future with improved disease resistance, darker color, superior overall turf quality and the ability to tolerate low height of cut. Jamestown IV features a level of cultivar stability that you’ll notice years after the initial germination. Years of careful polycross tracking and ancestry verification confirms that Jamestown IV is the ideal variety for golf courses, parks, commercial and residential properties.

Chewings, SR5100

SR 5100 Chewings fescue in an improved, lower-growing fine fescue. Its unique characteristics allow its use in both high and low maintenance turf. SR 5100’s improved stress tolerance makes it possible to use it on many sites, in both sun and shade. The lower-growth habit enables SR 5100 to be cut short for golf course use, and to grow more slowly for low maintenance situations.

Chewings, SR5130

SR 5130 is a new Chewings fescue that is the culmination of years of cooperative research between Rutgers University and Seed Research of Oregon. SR 5130 traces its origins back to twelve clones selected at Rutgers University for its improved turf performance, including color, density, stress, and disease resistance. Progeny of those clones were sent to Seed Research of Oregon’s research facility where further screening was done for higher seed yield, color, and improved stress and disease resistance in the production environment.

Fullback Kentucky Bluegrass

It takes a Fullback to carry these qualifications: Best statistical performance in schedules A, B, C , Northeast, Transition, North Central, and Upper Midwest/Mountain Zones. #1 Traffic Tolerance at Wisconsin. Excellent seedling vigor & establishment, spring green up, summer density and drought performance (wilting & dormancy) and low seed head expression. Good winter color and outstanding competitor to poa annua. Great performance across all disease trials. # 1 Rated Summer Patch at Tennessee. TIED FOR #1 MEAN TURFGRASS QUALITY RATING OUT OF 110 ENTRIES. See Fullback (BD 03-84) in the 2006-2010 NTEP Kentucky bluegrass trial at

Gaelic Kentucky Bluegrass

Gaelic Kentucky Bluegrass is widely adaptable to a variety of environmental conditions and is also an ideal component in fine turf blends. Excellent spring green up and winter color with a horizontal growth habit. Excellent competitor that discourages poa annua encroachment into the turf stand.