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Sand Dropseed

A perennial, warm season, native bunchgrass growing 16 to 40” tall. It is without rhizomes and commonly grows on sandy soils but is adapted to medium textured soils also. It is not tolerant of wet soils. Sand Dropseed is very essential grass for wind erosion control on sandy soil sites.


Sand Lovegrass

A perennial, warm season, native bunchgrass that grows 24 to 60” tall. Persists on deep sands and sandy loam soils. Occurring in central and southern Great Plains.
Bend | Nebraska 27

Sand Sagebrush (Artemisia filifolia)

Sand Sagebrush is a semi-evergreen shrub with silvery-blue feather-like foliage. Inconspicuous flowers bloom in the spring and again in the fall.


Sandberg Bluegrass

A long-lived perennial, cool season, native bluegrasses reaches 24 to 48” in height. It thrives on a variety of soils from moderately coarse sands to fine clays. Sandberg Bluegrass is distributed throughout the Western United States.

Shadscale Saltbrush (Atriplex confertifolia)

Shadscale Saltbrush is an evergeren shrub gorwing up to 3 feet tall. Silvery-green foliage densely covers spiny branches. When crushed, the leaves may have a fishy smell. Throughout the summer, the color of the fruit changes from green to pink to light brown when finally ripe in the fall.


Sheeps Fescue

A perennial, cool season, introduced bunchgrass that grows 12 to 24” tall. Well adapted to most soil conditions and can be used for erosion control and low- maintenance mixtures. Found across the entire United States.
Bighorn | Covar | MX-86
Please see Turf Species Section.


Siberian Wheatgrass

A long-lived perennial, cool season, introduced bunchgrass. Similar to Desert Wheatgrass, Siberian is more drought tolerant and retains its greenness and palatability later into the summer than standard, fairway or even the hybrid cross types.
Siberian Type Varieties:
P27 | Vavilov


Sideoats Grama

A medium-size perennial, warm season, bunchgrass or sod-forming grass grows 15 to 30” tall or occasionally taller. Sideoats Grama is a large and course grass, found on rocky open slopes, woodlands, and forest openings up to an elevation of about 7,000 feet. It has adapted to most soil conditions and one of the most important range grasses. Sideoats grama is distributed throughout most of the United States.
Butte | El Reno | Haskell | Killdear | Niner | Pierre | Premier | Trailway | Vaughn

Silver Buffaloberry (Shepherdia argentea)

Silver Buffaloberry has silver-green leaves and yellow-brown flowers that bloom in the spring. Flowers attract bees. The red fruit is best for jellies after November frosts. Provides cover and forage for birds and small animals.

Silver Sagebrush (Artemisia cana)

Evergreen shrub growing from 2 to 5 feet tall with silvery-gray leaves. Yellow flowers bloom in September, followed by light brown fruit ripening from October to November. Prefers rocky soil and full sun; drought tolerant.


Skunkbush (Rhus trilobata)

Skunkbush grows small clusters of yellow flowers that bloom in the spring; attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Red tart fruit attracts birds.


Slender Sedge

A perennial herb with thickened rootstocks that grows
up to 20” tall. Found in wet woods, around ponds and lakes and roadside ditches across the upper Midwest and northeast US.


Slender Wheatgrass

A short-lived perennial, cool season, native tufted bunchgrass ranging in height from 24 to 30”. It has very short rhizomes which prefer loams and sandy loams. It is a relative species to the mountain and intermountain areas of the western United States and the northern Great Plains.
Pryor | Revenue | San Luis


Slough Sedge

A perennial grass-like plant with stout, creeping rhizomes that grows 12 to 36” tall. Found on wet meadows, roadside ditches, coastal swamps, lakeshores, bogs, marshes and riverbanks along the West Coast of the US.


Small-Fruited Bulrush

A perennial herb from slender rhizomes that grows up to 10 ft. tall. Found in deep and shallow marshes, lakes, streams, A perennial herb with long, stout rhizomes that grows up to 48” tall. Found on sloughs, streambanks, ditches and wet clearings throughout the west and northeast US.and occasionally bogs throughout the entire US.