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18-46-0 Fertilizer


50 Lbs. Bag

Covers 10,000 sq. ft.

Granular formula

A high nitrogen and phosphorus homogeneous fertilizer.  Can be used as a starter fertilizer and is good for use on trees and shrubs.

21-0-21 Winterizer Fertilizer

21-0-21 Winterizer Fertilizer

50lbs. bag

Covers 10,500 sq. ft.

75% Slow release to reduce flushes of growth.  To be used as a winterizer or turf builder.

6″ Eco Stakes

The Eco-Stake is a 100% biodegradable hardwood pin designed to safely and effectively secure erosion control blankets. The wood stake must exhibit ample rigidity to enable being driven into hard ground, with sufficient flexibility to resist breakage.

Alkali Bulrush

A perennial herb with rhizomes that grows up to 48” tall. Found at low to mid elevations in marshes, transient wet spots, pond margins, and backwater areas. Distributed from the West Coast of the US east to Minnesota and south to Louisiana.

Alkali Cordgrass

Synonyms: Slender Cordgrass
A perennial herb with rhizomes that grows up to 40” tall. Found on alkaline lake shores, streambanks, meadows and marshes throughout much of the west.

Alkali Sacaton (Sporobolus airoides)

A tough perennial, warm season, native growing in large bunches 24″ to 42″ tall. It grows on dry to moist sites with sand or gravelly soil. This species is used for good forage or grazing grass in lowland and in alkali regions. Alkali Sacaton’s abundant herbage is eaten by cattle, sheep, and horses. It ranges from South Dakota to Washington, south to Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and Mexico.

Alkaligrass (Puccinellia sp.)

A perennial, cool season, native bunchgrass standing 12 to 18” tall. It grows on a wide range of soils and can tolerate high amounts of salinity. This species is an excellent choice in reclamation, roadside stabilization or on saline sites requiring turf. Alkaligrass ranges from New Mexico to Canada and throughout the west.

Fults II



Alpine Bluegrass (Poa alpina)

A perennial, cold tolerant, native bunchgrass that grows 8 to 24” tall. Grows well in cooler alpine, subalpine zones and mountain meadows. Prefers open sites and well-drained soils. Utilized for erosion control, reclamation and restoration. Occurs in Colorado, Utah, Washington and Oregon.

America Three Square Bulrush

Synonyms: Olney’s Three Square Bulrush
A perennial herb with long rhizomes that grows 8 to 40” tall. Found in marshes, pond and lake edges and other wet areas across the entire US.

Annual Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum)

Annual ryegrass is quite similar to perennial ryegrass except it is an annual or biennial, depending on climate and/or length of growing season. These grasses have a wide range of adaptability to soils, but thrive on dark rich soils in regions having mild climates. They do not withstand hot, dry weather or severe winters. They will stand fairly wet soils with reasonably good surface drainage. Annual ryegrass is distributed throughout the entire United States.

Apache Plume (Fallugia paradoxa)

Apache Plume has white rose-like flowers with yellow centers that attract bees and butterflies. Silvery puffs of fruit grow surrounded by pink feather-like plumes. Rather thick shrubs with intertangled, twiggy branches.

Aquatic Sedge

Synonyms: Water Sedge
A perennial herb that grows 8 to 32” tall. Found in large meadows in high montane or around ponds and streams at lower elevations across the northern US.