Arkansas Valley Seed offers a vast variety of pasture and reclamation grass seed mixes. From Dryland Pasture Mix with drought tolerant grasses, to Mountain Mix for higher elevations, Arkansas Valley Seed supplies the highest quality pasture grass seed and reclamation grass mixes to produce the highest yielding forage.

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Arvika Forage Field Peas (Pisum sativum)

Arvika peas are the standard in the forage industry. It is a high yielding, good forage quality pea. It produces lavender flowers on a very tall (long-vined) plant. Arvika produces small seed size (~4000 seeds/lb.) with very durable seed-coats and excellent seedling vigor. A small percentage of the seed will remain dormant (hard) and emerge in subsequent years.

AVS Green Manure Mix

An excellent cover crop mix for any soil condition. Peas provide nitrogen to the soil while the oats and hairy vetch provide organic matter.


Seeding rate is 60-80 lbs./acre with irrigation or 50 lbs./acre without irrigation

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Detention/Wetland Seed Mix

This seed mix is suitable for areas that receive periodic flooding or have a high water table.
Seeding Rate: 10lbs./acre
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Douglas County Permanent Seed Mix

A native seed mix designed for Douglas County Colorado.


  • This mixture has cool and warm season grasses, bunch and sod-forming grasses.
  • Very drought tolerant and adapts to various soil types.

Seeding Rate:

9.2 pls lbs./acre

Dryland Pasture Seed Mix

A mixture of hardy, cool season grasses, that are drought tolerant and adapt well to the Northern Great Intermountain regions. It provides a good, palatable spring forage and fair regrowth in the fall. This mix may produce a hay crop depending upon available moisture. Widely adapted to many soil types and elevations of 3,000 to 10,000 feet. Ideal for areas not receiving regular irrigation.


Grows 30-48 inches at full potential. Great forage and hay producer.

Seeding Rate:

New Seeding Broadcast: 20-25 lbs/acre Drilled: 15-20 lbs/acre
Overseeding Broadcast: 10-15 lbs/acre Drilled: 5-10 lbs/acre

Economy Irrigated Pasture Mix

A seed mixture of perennial, cool season grasses with forage production in mind. These grasses are high yielding and fast growing especially in spring and fall. Use this mix where water is limited because it includes hardy, drought tolerant grasses. For non-irrigated pastures, see our Dryland Pasture Mix


  • Grows 3-5 feet at full potential
  • Produces in the spring and fall
  • Hardy and drought resistant

Seeding Rate:

  • New Seeding
    • Broadcast at 30-35 lbs./acre
    • Drilled at 20-25 lbs./acre
  • Over Seeding
    • Broadcast at 15-20 lbs./acre
    • Drilled at 10-15 lbs./acre

El Paso County Seed Mix

A native seed mix developed for elevations of 3,000 to 8,000 feet to provide natural cover under dryland conditions. Contains both cool and warm season grasses adapted to the Western Great Plains and Southwest region. Has excellent cold and drought tolerance. Good for soil stabilization on poor soils and reclamation. Designed with the areas in and surrounding El Paso County Colorado.


  • Grows 10-36 inches tall

Seeding Rate:

  • Drilled: 15-20 lbs./acre
  • Broadcast: 30-40 lbs./acre

Low Grow Mix

A mixture of perennial, cool season, drought tolerant, grass seeds suitable for areas where mowing is difficult or not desirable. It grows an average of 8-12 inches a year with normal rain fall in the Intermountain region and the Desert Southwest, grows up to 10,000 ft. This mix is a great soil stabilizer and it is very compatible with our wildflower mixes. For new seeding, broadcast at 20-25Lbs./acre or drilled at 15-20Lbs. /acre. For over-seeding, broadcast at 10-15Lbs./acre or drilled at 5-10Lbs./acre.

Premium Irrigated Pasture Mix

A pasture seed mixture of perennial, cool season grasses formulated with varieties that produce the highest quality and yielding forage. These grasses are palatable and excellent for grazing and hay production. Performs well in the Intermountain West as well as the High Plains of the Rocky Mountain region.


  • Grows 2-6 feet tall Premium varieties
  • High yielding and quality irrigated forage

Seeding Rate:

  • New Seeding
    • Broadcast: 30-35 lbs./acre
    • Drilled: 20-25 lbs./acre
  • Overseeding
    • Broadcast: 15-20 lbs./acre
    • Drilled: 10-15 lbs./acre

Smooth Meadow Irrigated Mix

This cool season seed mix encompasses the yield and quality of meadow brome combined with the aggressiveness and drought tolerance of smooth brome to form a high yielding pasture mix. By blending these two brome grasses with Orchardgrass and Festulolium, this mix will deliver high quality forage with excellent winter hardiness. For use in all soil types, this seed mix requires irrigation to gain maximum benefit from all the grasses.


Widely cultivated as a grain and forage, a drought tolerant bunchgrass type. Typically used for milo grain production in the south and forage production in the north.

Sorghum-Sudangrass (Sorghum × drummondii)

Sorghum-sudangrass is a hybrid cross between sorghum and sudangrass. It is a finer stemmed warm season annual grass when compared to forage sorghum and will regrow after each harvest. It can grow up to 15 feet tall and typically has small seed heads. Seed is produced on a panicle which is open and erect. The leaves are similar to corn but are shorter and sometimes wider. Drought tolerance is high with the water requirement being approximately 1/3 less than corn.

White Proso Millet (Panicum miliaceum)

White proso millet is used primarily for birdseed. It grows to about 30 inches and its stems are hollow and coarse. Seed color varies among varieties, from white, cream, red to brown or black. Depending on variety and growing season, proso millet requires 70 to 100 days to mature grain.