Arkansas Valley Seed offers a vast selection of quality Brassica crops including forage turnip and rapeseed for livestock forage. From helping to extend the grazing season into late fall or early winter to providing exceptionally high-quality summer grazing and exceptional digestibility, Arkansas Valley Seed has your Brassica seed needs covered.

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Forage Turnips

Turnips are short-season brassicas that provide roots, stem and leaf growth for rotational grazing or strip grazing 70 to 90 days after seeding. Turnips are one of the quickest growing fodder crops available to livestock farmers for cattle or sheep.


Rape is an annual, considered neither legume nor grass. It is a short season leafy brassica show stems and leaves are ready for harvest 90-120 days after establishment. Rape prefers rich and well drained soils and is a heavy user of nitrogen.